The Coach + Grow Co. empowers entrepreneurs to connect with their inner guidance and live the life they’ve been promised.

It was founded by us, Sarah & Peter.

The Coach + Grow Co. empowers entrepreneurs to connect with their inner guidance and live the life they’ve been promised.

It was
founded by us,
Sarah & Peter.

We’ve been working together, doing our best to help the world with our experience and enthusiasm.

Here’s a glimpse of the evolution of our service…

In 2023 we found ourselves being called to move towards a more spiritual approach to doing business, and launched Inner Money Flow (IMF).

One thing we have always been great at is getting started and believing we can find success through helping others using our own unique talents, skills and experience.

This is one of the main things we teach in our Discover Your Gifts Training, which was created for IMF.

It’s important to realize this is available to you as well. You may feel called to help others and be of service, just like us. All you need to do is follow your enthusiasm, believe in yourself, and follow your heart.

For us, 2022 was a year of major transformation

Sarah found herself unable to stand, walk or sit without intense pain in her lower back. We had tried nearly 30 different methods and practitioners; nothing was making a difference, and we didn’t want to have surgery since there was no traumatic accident… it was a gradual tension that had built up over the course of a year.

Just as it seemed all hope was lost, we opened ourselves up to the unlimited possibilities that lie within us and the universe. In other words, we began studying spiritual growth.

We didn’t have a lot of experience with spirituality. We were familiar with manifestation, but only at its most basic form that is often discussed.

Although we had tried nearly everything others had recommended, we knew deep down that there was a solution just waiting to be discovered - but Sarah needed to slow down, get quiet, ask, and be open to receiving that guidance.

So she did, and shortly after came across a program with dozens of testimonials from people who succeed with it after having the exact same problems in their body, which slowly reduced their ability to live their normal lives.

After she started this new program and began to feel better, we couldn’t help but continue on our spiritual path. Other areas of our life started becoming more clear, and we felt more aligned as we made little changes along the way.

A lot of these changes were inside our business.

- We no longer wanted fear to control our lives, so we stopped a lot of the sales strategies we had been taught by marketing experts.

- We didn’t want to spend money on advertising, so we gradually spent less and less.

- We felt burdened by having a big team, and after having heartfelt conversions, some team members decided to move on. Instead of filling their roles, we continued to simplify our operations, while continuing to have a big impact in our program Launch, Coach + Grow (LCG).

- We had too many systems in our business, so we began to retire the ones that were no longer necessary.

- We felt called to offer a new style of helping our customers, so we began integrating a more spiritual approach to business - which again, had such amazing results we created our newest program, Inner Money Flow.

If you’ve made it this far down, you can see we’ve been through a lot on our journey, but we are still having a human experience, doing our best to help others and continue to grow ourselves.

We honestly still feel like we’re just getting started. With spiritual work you begin to have a more expansive view of what you can have in your life, and that’s something we hope to help you with as well.

If you’d like to get in touch, send us an email here. We’d love to hear from you.

Sending you so much light and love,

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